Chaptered, Versed

A few weeks ago, I read at the Chapter & Verse reading series, hosted by Ryan Eckes & Stan Mir at Chapterhouse Cafe in Philadelphia.  I read with Ethan Fugate, who is an old friend, & Hailey Higdon, who is a new friend, both of whom are pretty fantastic.

After reading my creepy fairytale poems, Greg Bem introduced himself to me & began a conversation which later began another poem-series in my creepy fairytale arena.  More on that later.  He was also kind enough to tape the reading, which you can stream or download in pieces here.

here is what will go here:

Poetry, particularly in-progress, or tracking process.

Prose, which is what my poetry sounds like sometimes (or vice-versa).

Things I find intrinsic to writing, or to what I’m writing now.

Things I currently find intrinsic to writing include knitting (which calms my head, like klonopin in craft-form) & bread (which requires patience & visceral interaction), & soup (the making of which also calms my head, but is far more forgiving than bread & amenable to experimentation).  So maybe sometimes this will be about knitting, &/or bread &/or soup.

Tonight I am knitting fingerless mitts because enclosed spaces make my fingers vaguely claustrophobic.

Tonight’s bread is white/wheat/rye, & cracked from rising, & looks vaguely like Venus of Willendorf.

Tonight’s soup is roasted onions & garlic & red cabbage & potatoes, which is nicer than it sounds.