here is what will go here:

Poetry, particularly in-progress, or tracking process.

Prose, which is what my poetry sounds like sometimes (or vice-versa).

Things I find intrinsic to writing, or to what I’m writing now.

Things I currently find intrinsic to writing include knitting (which calms my head, like klonopin in craft-form) & bread (which requires patience & visceral interaction), & soup (the making of which also calms my head, but is far more forgiving than bread & amenable to experimentation).  So maybe sometimes this will be about knitting, &/or bread &/or soup.

Tonight I am knitting fingerless mitts because enclosed spaces make my fingers vaguely claustrophobic.

Tonight’s bread is white/wheat/rye, & cracked from rising, & looks vaguely like Venus of Willendorf.

Tonight’s soup is roasted onions & garlic & red cabbage & potatoes, which is nicer than it sounds.