if you have no croup kettle

from, :interstitials:, :ab ovo:, avail from Dusie Press

who’s post-coherent now?


Croup is a spasm or swelling of the larynx, which usually comes
on during the night.  The cough is a barking one— then
suddenly the child finds it difficult to draw air into the lungs, &
not only becomes frightened himself, but alarms everyone near, as
he appears to be choking.  It helps him to relax if you act calmly,
even though you are frightened.  Hum a tune or sing a song.  If
you have no croup kettle, pick up a newspaper, two safety pins, the
child’s shirt, one of your long stockings, an umbrella, & the child,
& proceed at once to the kitchen.  Make a long spout funnel of
the newspaper (rolling it from one corner to another), then pin it
over the spout of a boiling teakettle.  Wet the shirt in warm
water, put it around the child’s neck, & hold it in place by folding
your stocking under his chin & tying it over his head.  Now bring
the kitchen table near the stove, with its teakettle & newspaper
spout which points over the table.  Sit on the table.  Hold the
child in your lap & open the umbrella over you both.  You have
thus improvised a croup tent.


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