All My Pretty Ones

Here are the lovelies I tagged for The Next Big Thing — enormous thanks to them for being game & playing along.  Be sure to check out their blogs, their answers, & their new books.

Susana GardnerThere is certainly a female voice, but she is shifty and only ever constant in what she doesn’t want.

Mark LamoureuxI decided that I would write some poems mimicking the formal characteristics of the candies to give myself a catalyst for the project.

Ethel RackinThe book’s objects—trees, chocolate, wheelbarrows, a ship on the sea, nightgowns, rug samples, a garden, a femur bone, cookies, a blind bird, curbs, scotch—are its leading actors, as in Robbe-Grillet’s La Jalousie.

Hassen Saker:  When I started gathering them together it formed a kind of cinematograph wherein the images were recorded, developed & projected by the same contraption – so I continued in the voice & on the theme for the next ten years. 

Elizabeth ScanlonAs a non-driver in a car-centric world, I walk long distances on a regular basis and I find that the poems I begin while walking often call into play the feeling of moving through loss, of working through ideas that do not sit well.

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