This Saturday, in the Rose Room at Snockey’s Oyster House in Philadelphia, I will be reading with two extraordinary poets: the fantastic writer & publisher JenMarie MacDonald, & (visiting from Albany) the truly incomparable Dgls N. Rthsjchld.

There will be poetry.  There will be oysters.

If you are in Philadelphia, please do come.  If you are not in Philadelphia, I am especially sad for you.

Saturday, April 13th, 8pm
Snockey’s Oyster & Crab House
2 Washington Avenue, Philadelphia

JenMarie MacDonald
Jenn McCreary
Dgls N. Rthsjchld


JenMarie Macdonald is half of Fact-Simile Editions and the author of Sometime Soon Ago (Shadow Mountain Press) and co-author with Travis Macdonald of the forthcoming chapbook Graceries (Horse Less Press).

Jenn McCreary is the author of :ab ovo: (Dusie Press, 2009), & of several chapbooks, most recently Odyssey & Oracle (Least Weasel Press, 2011). A new full-length collection, & now my feet are maps, is forthcoming from Dusie in 2013. She lives in Philadelphia where she co-edits ixnay press, wrangles twins, & charms snakes.

Dgls N. Rthsjchld is the author of one or two bits of self-indulgent fluff; most notably THEOGONY–{A book in which he simultaneously debunks the two most extreme thrusts of the of contemporary american poetry: the self-aggrandizing & dreadfully overwrought hystorionics of the “Perf-Po”[tm] SLAM [tm] scene; & the overblown disingenuously self-proclaimed ‘genious'[tm] of the Phlaurgh [tm] — Notionalist [tm] conceptualizing of the all too happily self-congratulatory & isolationist movement of the elitist avant-garde.}

Most recently he has engaged on a 10 year-long project in which he intends to manifest in his own life the inner narrative of the Odyssey. At his feet are maps, by his sleeping head, a beach full of fitfull tears is forthcoming.

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