Help Fund Poets in ‘Boyland’

Poetry darlings Kevin Killian and CA Conrad will be appearing in Boyland, a new film directed by Gabe Rubin, co-written by Felix Bernstein:

Set in present day, a trailblazing new film, Boyland will tell a story of a controversial and forbidden love. Boyland is a narrative work but with a strong focus on experimental elements. It is co-written and directed by Gabe Rubin. One summer day Meyer [played by Kevin Killian], a sixty year-old photographer and artist meets James, a fourteen year-old juvenile delinquent at the beach. A tumultuous relationship develops that tests both of their capacities to love. Rubin paints the story of their passionate, complex and at times disturbing relationship against the surreal backdrop of a sensual fantastical dreamworld. In this dreamscape, Gabe delves deeply into the darkest secrets of pederasty with a pioneering approach that is both innovative and haunting. Utilizing rich multimedia references from the worlds of art, music and poetry Boyland is a radical and unforgettable coming of age story.

The filmmakers have just four days remaining to reach their fundraising goal.  Be a part of this amazing
 project by supporting their indiegogo— & check out the fantastic perks for your patronage!

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