Fail better and revolt (PoemTalk #80) Tom Leonard, ‘Three Texts for Tape: The Revolt of Islam’

PoemTalk Tom Leonard

Al Filreis hosted Joe MilutisLeonard Schwartz (both traveling from Washington state) and me at the Kelly Writers House to discuss a poem/audiotext created by the radical Scottish poet Tom Leonard. The piece is part of a work called “Three Texts for Tape,” which was recorded by Leonard at his home in Glasgow in 1978 on the poet’s TEAC A-3340S reel-to-reel tape deck. The part of the project discussed in this episode of PoemTalk is “Shelley’s ‘Revolt of Islam.’” In this piece, Leonard repeatedly — although in voices ranging across class, age, and elocutionary mode — performs stanza 22 of canto 8 of Percy Shelley’s twelve-canto, 5000-line poem.

You can read the notes, & listen here.