Small Press Traffic’s Endless Summer

endless summer
Endless Summer is a garden party. Endless Summer is a poetry reading. Endless Summer is a celebration of Small Press Traffic & the glorious work they do all year for poetry in the Bay Area & beyond. It’s happening on June 27th, & out of towners can virtually participate by purchasing a raffle ticket and sending a video of themselves reading, which SPT will show at the festivities on the 27th:

It’s that time of year again when we ask: What are you doing this summer?

On June 27th, Small Press Traffic is going to kick-off summer with a party marathon and we all really hope you can be a part of it.

Helping to support one of the Bay Area’s most vital literary organizations and with special thanks to our gracious hosts, Juliana Spahr, Bill Luoma, and Charles Weigl, this event not only celebrates the diverse and talented SPT community, but also raises necessary funds to support our work throughout the year.

Since 1974 Small Press Traffic (SPT) has been at the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area innovative writing scene, bringing together authors, readers, educators, small presses, and community members through talks, readings, workshops, and performances. Our mission is to provide a local and national platform for experimental writing, paying particular attention to underserved writers and those that identify as women, LBGTQ and/or people of color. We offer writers a continuum of support, from the generation to the connection to a readership both inside and beyond the experimental writing community. SPT depends on its members and outside support to meet its programming goals.

Endless Summer is a garden party/reading marathon, featuring readings from writers all over the Bay Area, videos of readings from writers from across the globe, delicious food and beverages, and a chance to win fabulous prizes. We love this event! Please join us!

Here’s how it works:

1) Sign up for a time slot and donate the time it takes you to read your work or the work of someone you love for 5 minutes. To access the sign up sheet, comment below or email

2) Purchase a $20 or $50 ticket (tickets include unlimited food and alcohol) You can purchase your ticket at

3) Invite your friends to purchase tickets and/or send in their e-mails so we can invite them to read. You do not need to be a reader to attend the event.

4) Have an excellent time knowing your support will help make this another great year for Small Press Traffic!

Sign up here. Yes, you.

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